USDA Certified Organic CBD

grown in Vermont on our independent family farm


Bordertown Farm's hemp is exclusively cultivated from seed on our organic farm. Each plant is grown with care, harvested by hand and hung to dry in our 1883 barn.  The result:

high quality Full-Spectrum CBD products.



Why choose Bordertown Farm CBD?  Large-scale producers use economies of scale to produce lower cost CBD products but use high temperature hemp dryers and source their hemp from commercial growers.


Smaller scale, single origin hemp farmers compete by taking the time to hand prune individual hemp plants to produce greater yields, use traditional slow cure of the harvest in barns, and proudly oversee the entire process to insure the highest quality CBD.


As important as it is to choose the highest quality products available, when you choose to support a family farm, you are also choosing to preserve the rural landscape of scenic, small farms that once flourished along America’s bi-ways and are still a vital way of life.