Our Story

Bordertown Farm was started on our family farm in Southern Vermont.  Our father bought a retired dairy farm in the 1990s and began renovating the 47-acre farm for schools and office spaces.  The farm hosts a large dairy barn with silo, farmhouse, and two outbuildings surrounded by 37 acres of certified organic agricultural land.  Fortunately for us, this organic land was the perfect place to grow Bordertown Farm into what it is today.


In 2024 we are growing in new directions.   Bordertown Farm's headquarters and operations are now located in Putney, Vermont.  


In the fall of 2017, we took a leap of faith and established an organic hemp farm, Bordertown Farm, LLC  in Brattleboro, Vermont.  You could find us on what was called the Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center's campus where we used the organic fields to grow hemp and the 1800 barn's third floor to dry the harvested hemp which produces high-quality organic CBD.  Today our headquarters and operations are located in Putney, VT.


Our family has a history steeped in entrepreneurial endeavors.  Joe Famolare, the family patriarch, was a successful shoe designer and manufacturer from 1960 into the 2000’s.  His iconic shoe designs coupled with his style and talent for marketing and advertising made Famolare Shoes one of the most successful shoe companies in the 1980’s. Joe believed creativity and integrity were the mainstays of a successful business. He continually encouraged business owners to try new ideas while making products of high quality through hard work and dedication. Bordertown Farm is rooted in this spirit.


Hilary Famolare - CEO

Co-Founder:  Graduate of Smith College and the University of Hawaii with a Masters in Communication. For the past 20 years she has been Operations Manager of Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center. Today she also leads Bordertown Farm and the entire family team.   

Jared Rolston - COO

Co-Founder: Graduate of NYU with a MS in Applied Physics. Jared oversees the cultivation and Hemp production. His background in organic visual engineering maximizes efficiencies in production and services to our customers.